Car Shows

For a quality focused company like us, it is very important to listen to our customer’s needs. To us, this means being involved far more than simply social media, forums, and online channels. We believe the best way is face-to-face feedback! Exhibiting at car and trade shows is the best way that we know how to receive this important and special feedback.

After several smaller exhibitions, we became an official member of SEMA »Special Equipment Market Association«, which is the largest association for car parts and accessories in the world. Together with our official distributor of North America and Canada, we began to exhibit at the yearly SEMA Show in Las Vegas in 2014. This is an incredible car show like you won’t find anywhere else in the world! The SEMA Show has provided us direct contact with professional detailers and hobbyists, and every year it is a great experience to learn more about the needs, thoughts, and concerns of our customers from around the world!

Beside this huge trade show, we also visit smaller car shows, like muscle car meets or race events, to learn even more about the different types of car enthusiasts and users of our products. In many cases we can learn a lot by simply watching them use improper products, showing them what we do, and asking them questions about why they are doing things the way that they do. With this, we can gain more knowledge and create ideas for the next Microfiber Madness game-changer!

  • If you attend any of these shows, we would be happy if you make some time to stop at our booth and say hello…