The Difference

Often, we have been asked »What’s the difference between Microfber Madness and other microfber products on the market?« Here are the answers you are looking for:

  • We don’t see our brand as only a business, it is a matter of our hearts. We put all of our energy into this every single day, stay passionate, and continue to develop best in class microfber products.
  • We never have in mind to create products for the mass-market with the best bargains! We are driven by perfectionism and the needs of our customers over everything else. Our frst priority is always quality, no matter the cost.
  • We develop innovative problem-solvers and game-changers. Quality not quantity!
  • We built this company on strong ethics. A fair and respectful treatment of our dealers and customers is self-evident. We do not produce in low-wage countries who don’t even understand the meaning of »human rights«. Because of this, we started our own production here in Germany where many items are manufactured or at least assembled.