What are these Microfiber Towels? Is this just another fashion trend?

Regarding the definition of Microfiber, it is a synonym for synthetic fibers. Each single fiber is smaller than the unit "Denier". This is comparable to one-hundreth of our human hair! Microfibers can be produced extremely soft and plush, they keep their form even after countless washings. Through the fineness of the fibers, a lot of them find place on a close area and guarantee a high density of the material. Herefrom it follows, that Microfiber products lint much less than other fabrics. High quality Microfiber towels are often much more expensive than conventional towels.

One cost factor of Microfiber products is amongst others the fabric weight. In the industry this is stated with "gram per squaremeter", shortened "g/m²". This value specifies the total weight of the material on a surface of 1 squaremeter. Is this value very high, then there was used more material on the same surface than with another product with a lower value. So the price raises up for the products with a higher fabric weight. But Microfiber towels have other special features: Extraordinary plushness, a high (water) absorption and a extreme durability are the most important facts.

Can I do everything I want with the Microfiber Madness towels?

Yes, you can use the towels even for snuggling on the couch if you like. Generally we try to create products for specific applications. For example polishing towels, drying towels and so on. You will find useful application information for each towel on this website.

How many towels should I own? 1 towel would be enough, right?

"Lots helps a lot" - This often unsuitable slogan fits perfect when buying car care Microfiber towels. Would one towel be fine for cleaning the dashboard or other simple areas, you should not save money at the wrong place if working on paintwork jobs with wax, polish or paint cleaners. One single towel gets caked really fast with product deposit and can not guarantee a perfect buffing or cleaning action. The result could be clouding, holograms and also a higher exertion for the job you do. Because of that, you should have 2 to 5 towels in backup, depending on the car size and number of products you use.

Additional we recommend using towels always for ONE product at a time. For example, dont polish and wax with one towel! The perfect finish should it be worth.

There are products on the market, who look like yours and are cheaper, where is the difference?

Unfortunately it`s a common practice in business, that copycats follow good and successful products. They adopt good ideas and simply rebuild the products. Because it is not possible that a microfiber towel is covered by patents, we have to deal with that fact and dont take it too seriously. In Asia there is an old saw which says: "For the original, it`s a honor to be copied".

But where are now the differences? Why should I choose your products and not the cheap one?

For someone like us, who is creating and developing a product from scratch, different costs occur during the development phase: Developing, long term trials, sample production, quality control (btw: our products are controlled 3 times by hand based on clothing industry standard!), artwork for labels and packaging and staff expenses. Most of these costs can be eliminated by someone who just rebuilds our products.

Because of that, since the beginning of our company great emphasis is placed to produce our products under fair working conditions and fair wages for the workers. Therefore we produce all products in South Korea and excluded any China, Bangladesh etc. production. Who has seen the TV reports about unaccaptable working conditions and horrible accidents into the clothing factorys, will understand our intention. However the wages are much higher in Korea, the production costs raise up for our products which is reflected in the sales price. Unfortunatley, some brands cheat a little bit and produce the fabric in Korea and do the manufacturing for a cheap price in China!

Finally, since 2013 we go a step further and produce the first products again in Germany! Beside the importance for the European business place, we see the advantage mainly in quality increase of our products. Its obvious that we cannot produce over here for "dumping prices" like in Asia, but the combination of fair wages, human working conditions and the high quality standard is worth the additional costs. And we would be happy if you would honor our efforts with a purchase of the originals!

I have bought a Microfiber Madness towel - can I use it directly?

As like in the clothing industry, we also recommend to wash our products before the first use. Any possible production residue and lint could be washed away so you will receive a save and clean towel for the first use on your car. With strong colors (especially darker or flashy tones) it is recommended to wash the towels 1-2 times separately to avoid discoloring of other items. If discoloring happens, its only an optical failure - you can use a discolored towel like others.

How should I care Microfiber products in general?

Generally all of our products come with a care instruction sheet. If you follow these care instructions you will enjoy our Microfiber products really long. The golden rule is: Do not wash Microfiber products with fabric softener! This can result in knotty and hardened fibers, the product would loose its force. Apart from that you can use all regular washing detergents. Perfect cleaning results are achieved by washing the towels with a special microfiber detergent - we recommend the product "Micro Restore" which is available in many countries. Machine wash up to 60°C is normally fine, also drying in the dryer could be done without problems.

Can I order these products directly from you?

Unfortunately not. We are offering these towels just to specialized shops and resellers. But we offer a dealer locator on our website including links to webshops. So you can find your dealer in your country and order our products directly.

I am a dealer / I run a webshop - can I also sell your products?

Of course you can - we are always looking for new specialty retailers for our Microfiber Madness products. Please find the details on our "Dealer" information on the website.