The Perfect Wheel Brush - 100% Made in Germany

Beside of all the crazy ideas we have, our primary goal is, to create useful products to our customers. One of these is our Incredibrush wheel brush. We were very frustrated with traditional wheel brushes made of possibly harmful nylon bristles that cause splatter on your clothing during use, so we used our existing Incredi-material and developed the perfect wheel brush around it from the ground up! It should be an enthusiast brush for customers who take care for the most expensive and delicate wheels on the planet. It took more than 1 year until this 100% Made in Germany product was ready!

The brush has unique features you wouldnt find anywhere else on the market: It comes with a built in foam core for additional water absorption. The cleaning cover, made of the same material as our wash mitt, may be removed for better cleaning and may also be replaced when it becomes worn. The covered stem is made of high grade stainless steel to prevent rusting and for sure there is included knuckle protection!

The Incredibrush is available in 2 different sized heads (Regular + Flat) to cover the needs of customers with less space inside the wheel barrels.

Length: 17“ / 44 cm
Target Application: Wheel Cleaning
Cover Material: 92% polyester, 8% viscose

This cover is washer / dryer safe and comes packed in nicely designed tube for dust-free, safe storage!