Incredibrush Covers

Replacement Covers & Drying Covers for the Incredibrush

The greatest benefit of our wheel brush is the changeable cover. It is unimportant if you just need a backup cover for your daily work or you want to replace an older one. The replacement covers are a low cost and economic way without having to purchase an entirely new brush!

Besides the cleaning cover, we also offer a drying cover for the flat brush, made of our Dry Me Crazy fabric. So you are able to dry your wheel barrels after cleaning to prevent any risk of water spots. Another great purpose is to use the drying cover together with your favorite rinseless wash, for waterless wheel cleaning!

Target Application: Wheel cleaning / drying
Material: 92% polyester, 8% viscose / 75% polyester / 25% polyamide

This product is washer / dryer safe and comes packed in resealable zipper bag for dust-free, safe storage!