At Microfiber Madness we have used and tested microfiber products since long before we started with our own brand. We often found, that the customer is used as the »crash test dummy«, responsible to sort out products with manufacturing errors. Many times you find uneven edges, damaged stitching, horrible lint out of the box and even surprise swirls come at »no extra cost«. We have seen everything, and to this very day this situation has not changed because microfiber is for most companies just a cheap mass produced product.

So our intention was, to offer products, which come in the best possible condition directly to your hands. For sure, nobody could avoid 100% of possible issues, but we are very close to this number! To make this possible, we put endless effort into our quality control during the prototype testing and all the way through to the product release. Of equal importance, we actually check every single product twice and sometimes three times !!

What we do to secure the title of best in class microfiber quality:

  • We produce or assemble many products here in Germany
  • Every item follows strict quality control guidelines in our own German facility
  • Every item is individually packed to prevent any dirt during transport & storage
  • Long beta testing periods until the product is perfect
  • Continuous improvement in production to make products even better