About us

Fairy-tales often begin with: “A long long time ago in a land far away…” Our story isn’t a fairy-tale, but sometimes it feels a little bit like this! Microfiber Madness was established in the year 2010 in a very small village in Germany. At that time, we had been in the car care business for more than 6 years and reached a point where we decided to create something of our own.

During our detailing jobs, we were often annoyed with overpriced, bad quality microfiber. We really enjoyed spending our hard earned money on premium quality – but the products which could be found on the market, were only average. We decided that if no one would supply the quality we wanted, we would switch positions and become the supplier! And suddenly the “Microfiber Madness” idea was born…

The brand name reflects our roots and principles: Create something out of the ordinary – a little bit mad, but always useful! Microfiber Madness stands for unrivaled quality, high ethics, unique products and crazy ideas. So what could be more suitable for our first release than a product called “Crazy Pile”? It took more than 1 year until we released our first product to market, because the way to a perfect quality was long and muddy! For sure, we had no fabric production in our small village, so we needed a fabric supplier who was crazy enough to understand our philosophy and walk with us in the same direction. We didn’t count how much time and money we lost during this quest… it felt like nobody was interested in creating something with a higher value! Luckily we finally found a company that met our expectations and they continue to manufacture several fabrics for us to this day!

  • Fun Fact: The brand name of Microfiber Madness was invented by the founder Thomas, during brushing his teeth one evening

After our first release, customers were skeptical because of the higher price they had to pay for products they thought they already had. But we satisfied each customer one by one and created our first small group of fans. Without rushing the process, we developed the next unique products such as the “Summit 800”, the world’s heaviest, edgeless microfiber towel at that time! With the release of our super soft “Dry Me Crazy” drying towels, detailing addicted people from other countries began to pay attention to our small brand… and suddenly we began to sign the first Madness Dealers!  Our products are now available in more than 20 countries at more than 50 resellers and still growing.

On top of the continuous release of crazy products, like the unique “Dropnetic” or our 100% German made “Incredibrush”, our last milestone was to join in the exhibition at the worlds-largest car show, SEMA in Las Vegas! Throughout all these years, the detailing and especially the microfiber tool market has changed a lot and we haven’t been spared by copycats who imitate our ideas, products, colors and even names.  That was the moment we realized, that we are still located in this very small village in Germany, still raising the bar with our products and satisfying professional detailers and hobbyist worldwide! Now it really does sound like a fairy-tale, doesn’t it?