to the V.I.P.`s of the Microfiber Society!

Car Care has made a major transformation in the past few years. Car detailing has become a lifestyle and it is much more than just “wash & wax”. Today paint coatings with durability`s of several years are commonplace and there are car waxes on the market available for the same price as an actual pre-owned car! Professional detailers offer full paint correction jobs for thousands of dollars per car and masses of car hobbyists meet in online forums all over the world to discuss the most intricate details of car care.

In between all of this, Microfiber Madness has become a constant part of the car care lifestyle. From the beginning, we focused on 3 core principles: Quality, value of benefit, and ethics. This combination is what we call “The Microfiber Madness Experience”. Our goal is to supply car care enthusiasts and professional detailers worldwide with top-notch microfiber towels and unique tools that stretch the imagination.